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Pitfalls on the Innovation Delivery Journey

If you are deserving enough to hold sway over one of America’s 500 largest corporations, here’s a trend that might keep you awake at night: companies are

Transitioning Beyond MVP Success

Sometimes, success can be harder to swallow than failure. For the founder of a start-up that has achieved product-market fitness with a minimum viable product (MVP), success.....

Innovation Miscast

In our continued exploration of the roots of innovation failure in the enterprise, this post has us investigating a misconstrued metric that’s become an alarming priority among innovation teams:

Recalibrating for Innovation Success

Innovation requires agility and flexibility. To do it successfully, the project must be put in a position to course-correct on a monthly, weekly and even daily basis throughout the build process.

A Step towards Digital Transformation with Remote Design Sprints

You start your work day. You attend meetings. You make plans for the next steps the business needs to take. And then, your entire organization delivers all its value via the Internet

Team Augmentation in a Post-Covid Economy

A little over a year ago, we didn’t know much about social distancing, lockdowns or self-isolation—or that we would live through them for the rest of the year.